Body Terrain

Symbiotic Bodies

Body Architecture

Mapping Bodies - Photo book

By Omer Ga'ash

There are three segments of the book: “Body Terrain” which explores the relationship between humankind and nature, “Body Architecture” which is dedicated to compositions of figures in man-made structures, and “Symbiotic Bodies” which takes a more interpersonal approach, focusing on moments where bodies meet to create a new being. All together, these concepts build a narrative that weaves through Gaash’s work, focusing on the human form. These comprehensive chapters offer an exploration of our relationships between ourselves and others, inspecting the harmony of our bodies and the spaces we exist in, and the transformation and spirituality of our earthly bodies. These narratives take place in various locations and places across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel.

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing
Publication date: 2023

Keywords: photography, bodies, body, environment, nature, landscape, relation, art, human, mapping, nudity, structure, city, architecture, goldsmiths, models, surrealism, somatic ladscape

Mockups Design

Gaash explores the imagery of the human body, through the medium of digital photography, and works with models as well as his own body. His approach is first and foremost an aesthetic one; always in search of beauty in the unexpected expression of forms. He views the body as a composition of individual parts that, within his works, become independent living things, broken down into shapes, rather than a whole entity. Throughout this process of morbid directorship, Gaash creates a sense of surrealism creating a reflection on the human condition. Gaash’s work deals with the symbolism of the body. His models are often archetypes or muses with hidden or obscured faces. These photographs tell timeless stories, the locations of these stories not being recognizable places–rather a land that the artist creates as a vivid stage for his creations.

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