Omer Gaash Photography

Photographer and Graphic designer Omer Ga'ash, Graduated from Bezalel academy of art and design Jerusalem. Now days focusing on fine art photography.

The project "Canvas the movement" a shared project with the world known singer and artist David D'or has been exhibit in Sweden, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles and Israel. Human body becomes part of a canvas, painted together as one and captured by photo.

Omer combines two of his great loves Graphic design and photography in a unique project "NudeTexture" where a human body creates textures later used as everyday products such as wallpapers, bags, clocks etc.

As a child Ga'ash grow up in suburbs and travel a lot that fact reflect in his nude outdoor photography where he tries to capture both nature and surroundings with the model as part of them.

More over Gaash creates brands for culture organizations, startups, technological companies and more in some he uses photography as a tool to create his visions.

More from the artist can be found on his Instagram accounts:  
@omergaash, @nude.texture @omgstudio

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