Mapping environments in relation to sculptured bodies

Random thoughts about

Repetition,  Materials,  Improvisation, Cut and paste, Form, Exploration,  Performance space,  Breaking the rules, Commit to pain, Comfortable, Uncomfortable, Unfinished,  Urge, Collaboration, Audience, Technique, Virtuosity, Minimal,  The Other, Attraction, Predictable, Unpredictable,  Continuity, Relation, Flow, Solo, Duos, Trio, Quartets. And also: Time, Rhythm, Abstract, Contact, Touch, Empty, History, Nudity, Scale, Human, Mapping, Uselessness.

Untitled photo
Mockups Design

Work in progress,  photo book including stories, behind the scene moments, small anecdotes about my life and of course high quality artworks I made over the past twelve years. keep following.

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