Concept collaboration between Omer Gaash and  Dani Ellkayam.

The fire rapidly consumes everything in its path. Entire areas, huge forests and trees that struck roots a long time ago, turned into ashes. The black, morbid and surrealistic landscape that the fire leaves behind, is shocking by the scale of the damage, and the consequences for the whole environment. Yet, at the same time, destruction in nature always leads to rebirth, renewal, and growth. The chair I created is inspired by its proportion of the environment and context it blends in, visually, it illustrates the idea rebirth from the ground. The concept of the photo-shooting represents the connection between man and his surroundings, and between the objects to its origin story and natural sources. This time I felt the urge, to include myself in the set, to walk barefoot on the ashes of the forest, to be naturally naked and dissolve in this unique landscape.

Photographer - @omergaash @nude.texture

Design and model - @daniellkayam

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