Queer NightLife Exhibition 2023

Hello fellow ravers and creatives,

Your way of seeing our community help shape it for the outside world giving it a unique up close glimpse to what it really means to be part of our community. Your skill to make others feel seen, welcomed and in your own special way capture rare moments makes a huge difference. I think it's about time people will see it, appreciate it and buy it!

And so, I'm (Omer Gaash) curating this exhibition exactly for us.

Location and time TBD

Submit your work in the following way (Deadline: September 16th):

Please provide:

1. Link to a google drive folder with 10 downloadable frames that represent your work, JPG 72dpi 3500pix long edge.    

2. Bio about yourself - word document, mention past venues, parties, clients etc anything that will help viewers get to know you.

3. Link to your website and main social account

4. If you have a Book you wish to sale on the day let me know.

5. For any inquiry email me: 

This event will require production, curation, marketing, team working on the day. To cover all costs we will work in the model of percentage of profits, %20 from each sale. All artworks will be displayed on screens with a QR-code linking to a webpage showing all artists available prints in various sizes. Books will be sold on site and via your personal link if you have.

You are receiving this personal invitation  because I see and respect you as a person and I admire your amazing work in the nightlife scene. Hope you will be part of this.



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