Group exhibition "Knot Forgotten" at TEO art center Herzelia city, Israel. May-June 2022. Curated by "Two Curators" Tamar and Carmit. 

Photography and Digital editing

Trained as a Graphic designer, Omer uses photography medium and digital editing as his main tool to explore body and space. His visual approach as a designer manifests itself as he creates and addresses the human body as a graphic shape and through that maps the environment while exploring the connection between individuals to himself and to its surroundings. In each step in his process the decisions are flexible and leave room for spontaneous decisions in the moment. From location search, finding the model, hence catching composition, arrival, direction and following your good self, editing the photos and composing each photo into one composition. The interpretation of the artwork is a secondary layer that sometimes arrives when the frame is already done. In each step the work can take a different direction, and this is part of the search and the thrill of the process. In his perspective Omer creation comes from a deeper DNA of the artist itself and the components used. In his work Omer creates patterns that are based on his models’ photos and sometimes the landscape as they are being photographed together. As a graphic designer, photography is one tool out of a whole set until he gets his result. In the process he addresses the body as shapes and as detail out of a whole fabric of his visual language until getting a human based pattern or as he calls it, NudeTexute. This is the result of two of his worlds combination. These testers explore relationships and expand the traditional culture of the repeat print that’s been made around the world in different communities. The vibrant colours of the new textures make the focus more about the visual and the shape at self and on about gender age or skin colour. The composition creates a new reality space that holds micro stories within and less pattern on the fabric or screen.

Music by Anna Senger

Dancers: Snir Nakar and Omer Ga'ash

Opening night - Video art and dance performance

Choreography: Omer Gaash

Dancers (Live): Ishai Karasenti, Lior Samuelson, Jonny Buk

Dancers (Projected video): Snir Nakar, Omer Gaash

Music by: Anna Senger

Event photos  by Nimrod Gluckman

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