The Website Mapping Bodies encapsulates several bodies of photographic works by artist Omer Gaash, created between 2016-2023.

There are three segments of the Website: “Body Terrain” which explores the relationship between humankind and nature, “Body Architecture” which is dedicated to compositions of figures in man-made structures, and “Symbiotic Bodies” which takes a more interpersonal approach, focusing on moments where bodies meet to create a new being. All together, these concepts build a narrative that weaves through Gaash’s work, focusing on the human form. These comprehensive chapters offer an exploration of our relationships between ourselves and others, inspecting the harmony of our bodies and the spaces we exist in, and the transformation and spirituality of our earthly bodies. These narratives take place in various locations and places across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel.

Gaash explores the imagery of the human body, through the medium of digital photography, and works with models as well as his own body. His approach is first and foremost an aesthetic one; always in search of beauty in the unexpected expression of forms. He views the body as a composition of individual parts that, within his works, become independent living things, broken down into shapes, rather than a whole entity. Throughout this process of morbid directorship, Gaash creates a sense of surrealism creating a reflection on the human condition. Gaash’s work deals with the symbolism of the body. His models are often archetypes or muses with hidden or obscured faces. These photographs tell timeless stories, the locations of these stories not being recognizable places–rather a land that the artist creates as a vivid stage for his creations.His works bring to life dreamlike and surreal situations using digital compositing, directing interactions between the models and their environment[s].

Gaash has experience in working with maps and aerial photos, along with studies in architecture that offer him a unique viewpoint in creating his photographic compositions. He examines spaces from a birds-eye perspective all the while simultaneously noticing every blade of grass or concrete crease and detail in his work. By placing various bodies in the same space or repeating the same figure using digital manipulation, he creates imprints of the space, using bodily forms as markings on a map, echoing the topography of a landscape, or its architectural environment. The models’ remarkable physical abilities and control allow them to contort and maneuver their bodies in playful and extraordinary ways, intimately interacting and perhaps even fusing with their surroundings. In some cases they take over the entire terrain, becoming both the map and the territory.

In his studio, Gaash takes a more classical approach to his work, working with his subjects in a bare space where the focus is on the collaboration between a photographer and his subject. It is a joint endeavor of the model and the artist, and the outcome of this process is a metamorphosis of movement and form.

Mapping Bodies is a title that describes Gaash’s expanded artistic process, his thought process when approaching the subject matter of the human body. The mapping of the human form– whether from afar in the vast outdoors (in relation to architectural structures), or at the meeting point of two bodies, all ask us to reflect on our own physicality and humanity.

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About the process



- Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design - MUZA Museum

Curators: Henrietta Eliezer Brunner, Nir Harmat, Tomer Sapir (Mach 31st)

- "Vessel" Group Exhibition - 187 Contemporary art gallery - Curated by Carmit Shine and Tamar Lamdan (January 24th)


- "Halas Art" Group Exhibition - 187 Contemporary art gallery - Curated by Shoham Eliaz (December 17th)


- Group Exhibition - Brunswick art gallery - Curated by Alex Grimwood (July 8th)


- International Inspiration Day - Curated by Tali Dvir (May 25th)



- Knot Forgotten - TEO Center for Art & Culture - Wingate St 168, Herzliya (May 10th)
Curated by Carmit Shine and Tamar Lamdan 



- Queer/in/g Nature Exhibition - Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS) BrightonCurated by Dr. Gil Mualem-Doron (May 7th)



- Body movement - Location "Ma Jolie" Tel Aviv (March)

Collaboration project with the artist/singer David D'Or


- Horace Richter Gallery - Jaffa (May) Shared exhibition with David Da'Or


- Body movement - Shared exhibition with David Da'Or (June 1st)

Tel Aviv sea port


2016 September 

Horace Richter Gallery - Jaffa

Solo exhibition

2016 July

Jaffa Creative - NudeTexture

Group exhibition

My Studio OMG portfolio

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Branding and Graphic design

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Omer Gaash - also pronounced: Oh My Gosh! :)

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