As a child I grew up in the suburbs and traveled a lot. At that time, I was part of a group of ten kids in a small town called Moshav Habonim, near the beach in the center of Israel. We used to hang outside a lot, playing and goofing around, at night sometimes going skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea. It was magical, and these were innocent, authentic experiences. This is so clearly reflected in my nude outdoor photography, in which I try to capture both a main focal nature element and its surroundings with the human model as an integral part of them. During my high school years, at the age of 15, I competed in Ballroom dancing competitions for six years. Following this, I then shifted to modern and folklore dance company for two more years, giving me an inside understanding of our body and its abilities, a way of telling a story of a single person or a group. I studied architecture in high school and extended this study for two more years to a professional diploma, I always thought that I will be an architect creating these sculptured like buildings, until today my aesthetic is driven by beautiful places I see, new and abandoned buildings as one.

Like every Israeli kid, I enrolled to the army and served for three years in the Military Intelligence Directorate, Unit 9900 – Visual and Mapping where I learned all about mapping and aerial photos and other sensors as a Photogrammeter. This way of viewing our planet gave me a whole new set of tools for the artist I am today.

I graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, in 2011, where I received a B.A. in visual communication, and became a Graphic designer focusing on branding for companies, startups and culture institutions. Shapes have always been a major part of my design language and therefore this is a major inspiration for me when I direct my models and set up the frame. I am currently living in London after graduating my M.A. in Design Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths University of London, focusing on fine art photography.

In my practice I aspire to explore the human body in a relation to itself, others and its surrounding. Within a set of random thought such as: Repetition, Improvisation, Cut and paste, Form, Exploration, Space, Breaking the rules, Comfortable, Uncomfortable, Unfinished, Collaboration, Technique, Virtuosity, Minimal, Attraction, Predictable, Unpredictable, Continuity, Relation, Flow, Solo, Duos, Trio, Quartets, Time, Rhythm, Contact, Empty, History, Scale, Mapping, Uselessness.

I strongly feel that my work is beyond the glorification of the human body; it is a quest to compliment both the place and the body as a symbiotic system.

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